Fairtrade Germany

As a honey partner from the very beginning, we have a long-standing licensing partnership with Fairtrade Germany. Imkergold is the first climate-neutral honey brand ever and thus a pioneer on the German honey market.

Support beekeeping projects worldwide

A special feature in our assortment is the Breitsamer Fair Breakfast. These honeys do not come from Europe, but from smallholder beekeepers from South and Central America. The production according to Fairtrade standards, visible to the consumer by the Fairtrade seal, makes the difference here. For us as a family business, this is a convincing argument to carry honey from Latin America in our product range. According to Fairtrade standards, beekeepers receive a fixed minimum price for their honey, long-term purchase contracts and opportunities for co-determination in the cooperative. Through Fairtrade, smallholder beekeepers can invest in a sustainable future.

Honey as a source of income

Honey is an artisanal product and beekeeping offers people – even without land ownership – a source of income that secures their livelihood. In addition, beekeeping also offers good opportunities as a sideline, for example for coffee farmers, to secure income and, if necessary, to compensate for harvest losses. Not to be neglected are also higher harvests of crops such as coffee due to the pollination performance of bees. All this has prompted us to convert the honeys previously known as Beekeeper’s Gold to Fairtrade quality.

Friendly smiling beekeeper at colorful beehives

As with all Breitsamer honeys, the consumer learns on each jar the specific origin of the honey, which has been apicultured in Latin America.

Here you can get more information about our climate neutral Fairtrade honeys: Learn more

Our Fairtrade beekeepers

Fairtrade beekeeper Bernadino in white beekeeper suit
Smiling beekeeper from South America in beekeeper suit
Fairtrade beekeeper in white beekeeper suit leaning against beehive

2nd place at the Fairtrade award 2016

We are very pleased about the great success at the Fairtrade Award 2016 in the category Manufacturers. The prize is awarded to companies and civil society players who have shown exemplary commitment to the Fairtrade idea.

Thanks to our loyal customers. You have made this success possible.

Get some exciting insights

With the Fairtrade Code, you embark on a virtual journey to the individual cooperatives and plantations in the countries of the global South as well as the processing partner companies in Europe. The reports provide an insight into the lives and daily work of the producers in the growing countries.

To do so, use the Fairtrade code on your “Faires Frühstück” honey and enter it here. This way you will receive detailed information about your product, the producers and our commitment.


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