Honey-Tradition in a glas jar

The traditional Breitsamer glas jar – one honey pot for the whole family.

Whether forest honey or blossom honey – our Breitsamer glasses belong on every breakfast table. The practical honey jar with a large opening is a guarantee for continuing honey delight – A good start to the day included!

Perfect for family breakfasts and ideal for baking & cooking.

  • Practical clip lock
  • Reusable glass
  • Proven Breitsamer quality

Ceamy blossom honey

Our spring blossom honey is wonderfully mild and flowery in taste. Its creamy, delicate consistency makes it a welcome guest on buns, wholemeal bread, crispbread and co.

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Liquid blossom honey

Sweet-aromatic and wonderfully light brown – that’s how we love our liquid blossom honey in the glass. Its softly flowing consistency makes it the ideal companion for waffles and pancakes.

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Aromatic forest honey

The strong forest honey is something very special. Its unique spiciness is particularly popular among honey connoisseurs. Its tangy, strong aroma gives tea, yoghurt and muesli a special note.

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