Breitsamer & Ulrich

Third Generation Honey Specialists

The company history of the Breitsamer family begins in the 1930s. It started with a small shop for milk and honey in Munich. After the war, the honey from their own apiary wasn’t enough anymore. Thus it was additionally purchased from other apiaries, mainly in the southern Bavarian region. In over 80 years and three generations, the Breitsamer family has constantly improved their knowledge about honey as a natural product. Just like company founder Johann Breitsamer knew every beekeeper personally in the beginning, it is still important to us to visit and check on our contractual beekeepers on a regular basis.

In Franconia, the Ulrich company history developed in a similar way. Georg Ulrich, the company founder, began jarring and trading honey in the 1950s.

Johann Breitsamer and Georg Ulrich know each other from beekeeper days and association meetings. They realised their similarities very early on. Breitsamer was the honey family in Upper Bavaria, Ulrich the honey family in Franconia, so it was obvious that both families would join to become THE Bavarian honey specialist. A perfect partnership – then and now.

Passion for Honey

In our family company, Breitsamer & Ulrich, everything revolves around the delicious natural product of honey. We focus on first class quality and authentic flavour of the honey.

Robert Breitsamer and Thomas Ulrich are now leading the family company in its third generation. Both are united by the passion for honey and pride in the company tradition. This tradition is committed to quality, which is why our company is certified according to the International Featured Standard Food, among others.

Therefore, the honey’s journey from the bees to a finished product is always comprehensible for you as our costumer. It is our goal to not offer you as many exotic honeys as possible, but few and good ones.


Our goal is to push forward for social responsibility together

Doing business with foresight, acting fairly towards colleagues and partners, taking responsibility for people and the environment, these are the founding pillars of our family company in its third generation.

Fairtrade Germany

As honey partners from the beginning, a long-term licence partnership with “Fairtrade Germany” connects us. “Imkergold” is the first climate-neutral honey brand ever and with it, pioneer in the German honey market.

The special thing about Fairtrade honey is that the beekeepers receive stable minimum prices, additional bonuses for community projects, long-term supply and purchase agreements and the opportunity to pre-finance. Through Fairtrade, small rural beekeepers can invest in a sustainable future.

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Carbon Footprints – Climate Partner

Fair and climate-neutral – only at Breitsamer honey. As a family and traditional company, at Breitsamer, we are aware of our responsibility towards people and nature. We also want to impart our love of the unique product honey to the generations to come. This is why we engage in such various projects. We operate a solar energy system and cover our energy needs with green power. Furthermore, we promote bee protection initiatives and bee-friendly plant projects at home, but we also see it as our task to support beekeeping projects worldwide and to expand these continually. In addition, we optimise shipping routes and packaging and many of our employees use public transport and bicycles.

Our goal is to gradually shape our CO2 footprint to neutral. Thereby, we particularly support climate protection projects which, in addition to climate protection, also provide important social support at the site.

We are currently supporting two protection projects: “Clean cooking stoves, Raichur, India” and “Bergwald Project in Harz, Germany”.

Find more details about our commitment relating to the climate protection projects. “Clean cooking stoves, Raichur, India” or at and about “Bergwald Project in Harz, Germany” or at