SuperLife Manuka Honey MGO 400+

Original product from New Zealand

Breitsamer Honey and SuperLife

As a family business, we at Breitsamer traditionally maintain a close exchange with committed beekeepers – in Germany as well as in other honey countries.  We offer specialties as original bottlings.

A trustful partnership connects us with King Honey. With their brand SuperLife, King Honey is an established Manuka honey specialist in New Zealand. All honeys are certified and labeled with the respective contained MGO content.

SuperLifeTM MGO 400+ is gently bottled directly in New Zealand.

Where does the name “Manuka” come from?

This honey owes its name Manuka to the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.

They called the South Sea myrtle native there Manuka.

Bee on red white flowers
Breitsamer SuperLife Manuka Honey MGO 400+

You hold a genuine original product in your hands. Our promise of quality to you:

  • Original bottled in New Zealand
  • Tested quality
  • certified according to UMF standards in New Zealand

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The importance of MGO/UMF

MGO stands for methylglyoxal, the ingredient to which Manuka honey owes its fame and is appreciated worldwide.

The numerical value on the label indicates the amount of MGO contained in the honey. In the ripening process, this value increases, hence the indication MGO 400+. The Unique Manuka Factor, UMF for short, is another way to indicate the value of a Manuka honey. Since the discovery of Methylglyoxal by the Technical University of Dresden, MGO is the more common designation of a Manuka Honey.

New Zealand beekeeper at Manuka honey harvest

The peculiarity of Manuka honey

In addition to its special properties, Manuka honey is by nature strictly limited. The reason for this is the short flowering period of the Manuka plant. The bees therefore have only a few weeks to collect the sweet nectar for this unique honey specialty.