Our fairtrade beekeeper Bernardino

Fair honey from the south of Chile

About me

My name is Bernardino Amable Gomez Huenupan and I come from Caunahue Comuna de Futrono in Chile. In 2000 I started beekeeping with only five beehives. For 5 years I have been earning my living exclusively from beekeeping.

I have a wife and 5 children. My daughter helps with the administration and my sons study at the university.

My cooperation with faritrade

I harvest around 12 tons of honey a year; I pass 50% of this on to the cooperative. I sell the rest at the local markets. I would like to produce more honey, but my family and I couldn’t do the work.

We mostly use the fairtrade bonus for our workers. As a cooperative member, I also get free analyzes of my honey. In this way we can ensure the long-term quality, but also check whether our beehives are infected with diseases.