Germany buzzes!

And we do as well!

The initiative “Germany buzzes!”

The initiative “Germany buzzes!” primarily wants to raise awareness for the bee, the urban nature and our dependence on a functioning ecosystem. Bees are the most important pollinating insects, which is why they play a key role in this. They are not doing well: monocultures, pesticides, loss of land, diseases and pests cause them problems. It wont look good for our ecosystems, biodiversity and, ultimately, human beings without the bees.

The first step is to create an awareness of the bee’s situation and a resulting appreciation of this important farm animal. Together with Germany buzzes!” we would like to motivate young and old to make their city and thus their future more bee-friendly.

In addition, the initiative aims to awaken a sense of responsibility in decision-makers from the fields of culture, science, business and politics, since the preservation of our ecosystem is a task for society as a whole. It affects everyone, not only environmentalists, nature lovers or, in the case of the honey bee, beekeepers.

With every concrete measure that the initiative and we, as cooperation partners, begin and that serves to protect the bees or preserve our biological diversity, we are one step closer to the goal.

The annual planting competition

The planting competition “We do something for bees”, initiated by the “Stiftung Mensch und Umwelt”, takes place annually. It is a bee-friendly and communal action that shows the commitment of groups of friends and family, work colleagues, hobby and sports groups, students, school groups, trainees and many more.

The aims of the competition are to transform areas that are foreign to nature into habitats for humans and animals, to create understanding for biological diversity and to initiate community experiences.

Get further information: www.wir-tun-was-fü

Our contribution

We at Breitsamer are passionately committed to honey as a natural product and bees are our most important employees. The improvement of their situation is very important to us. Therefore we have supported the campaign “we do something for bees” in the last years as well as initiated further projects.

We have also added a very special honey to our range:

Spring buzz. The taste of spring meets the full effort of the bees. It is a spring blossom honey from the first harvest of the year. The honey tastes flowery and aromatic.

40 cents of every glass sold goes to various bee projects.