Three Kinds of Breitsamer Honey, sorted, 3x67g

“All good things come in threes.” Enjoy the combination of three Breitsamer classics: Forest honey, summer blossom honey and sunflower honey.

Thanks to its source of nectar, each type of honey is attributed a unique character, which makes it something special.

Forest Honey

Bees transform the crystal clear honeydew from deciduous trees and conifers into the dark, aromatic-strong forest honey with a slightly malty character.

Summer Blossom Honey

This character-strong honey combines the warmth and blossom diversity of a hot summer’s day – a combination of strong and harmonious blossom and honeydew honeys.

Sunflower Honey

From the proudly towering deep-yellow blossoms of sunflowers arises this aromatic-mild and finely creamy honey speciality with its slightly nutty character. ​

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aromatic, flowery, harmonious, malty, mild, slightly nutty, strong, sweet


creamy, liquid


dark, light brown, light yellow


Honey is a natural raw food and therefore not suitable for children aged under 12 months.

Store away from light and at room temperature.