Fairtrade Breakfast Honey, creamy, 500g

For lovers of creamy honey, bees gather the nectar from a sea of colourful blossoms from the start of the year until the high of summer. By choosing the right location and time of harvest, the beekeeper determines which nectar the bees use and how fast and finely the honey crystallises.  Support small-scale beekeepers by enjoying this artisanal natural product.

Blossom honey: Fairtrade-certified and harvested from Fairtrade producers. Total product 100%. Fairtrade conditions allow rural farmers and workers to invest in a sustainable future in their countries of origin. More info at: www.fairtrade-deutschland.de



aromatic, flowery




golden yellow


Honey is a natural raw food and therefore not suitable for children aged under 12 months.

Store away from light and at room temperature.


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