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Alpine Honey Special Edition Italy, liquid 500g

With our limited special edition Breitsamer alpine honey from the Italian Piedmont you can enjoy a special gift from nature.

In the shady mixed forests and the flowering chestnut groves, bees find plenty of nectar and pollen in summer. An intense and aromatic scented honey that is characteristic of this region. It tastes strong and flowery and has a subtle but typical chestnut note.

We are particularly proud of the trusting cooperation with the regional beekeepers and of this limited honey from the alpine region of Italy. Beekeeping in the Alps makes a significant contribution to the biodiversity in this unique natural area. A special honey that deserves a special presentation.



aromatic, flowery, strong






Honey is a natural raw food and therefore not suitable for children aged under 12 months.

Store away from light and at room temperature.

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