Honey just like in Grandma’s cupboard

As the Munich honey specialist, we are expanding our range with a regional speciality.

The “Echtes Schmankerl” is traditionally produced by Bavarian contract beekeepers using artisan methods. Handpicked by honey experts, it allows time and care to develop its special coarse consistency. This makes it a spreadable blossom honey speciality with a powerful flavour. The traditional Bavarian art of beekeeping also includes the traditionally designed glass of the “Echtes Schmankerl”. A honey that lets you taste the values of the family company: Quality, home, and real indulgence.

As with all our honeys, we guarantee the highest quality even stricter than required by the German Honey Regulation.


  • Powerful creamy dark blossom honey
  • 100% crafted by bees and bottled in Bavaria
  • Matures in glass
  • Traditional Breitsamer quality