Breitsamer Organic Honeys

Climate neutral enjoyment from native beekeepers

We obtain our honeys freshly harvested, directly from our german organic-certified contract beekeepers. Beekeeping according to organic standards pays special attention to species-appropriate beekeeping and supports organic farming in Germany.

We pay attention to short transport routes, transparent supply relationships, trustful cooperation with beekeepers and the mutual appreciation of people, nature and the environment.

The result: real honey rarities and a quality you can taste.

  • from Germany
  • handcrafted
  • From organic-certified beekeepers
  • reusable glasjar
  • climate neutral
  • controlled by DE-ÖKO-001

Organic Acacia Honey

As soon as the bewitching scented acacias bloom in spring, there is no holding back for the german bees. They transform the lovely nectar into a light yellow honey delight. Our organic acacia honey tastes mildly sweet and naturally has a liquid consistency.

Organic Forest Honey

In the dense forests of Germany, the bees go on a search for the sweet honeydew of the trees. This creates a dark, liquid forest honey with a strong, spicy taste. It has an intense aroma by nature and is less sweet than other honeys.

further varieties