From papercup to glasjar

New packaging, same honey - our new 315 g glasses

Many honey connoisseurs have already noticed that a gap has opened up in the honey shelves of supermarkets and in the Breitsamer online shop. Our organic honey in the papercups is missing!

A nearly perfect packaging

Our organic honeys in pape cups have numerous advantages: they can be recycled, they are made from renewable raw materials, they are climate-neutral and they protect the valuable honey optimally from light.

Nevertheless, there is unfortunately a crucial point where the paper packaging is not yet 100% convincing: in some cases the honey dries out, causing it to lose its liquid or creamy consistency.

This problem cannot be reconciled with our high quality standards and, above all, does not do justice to the valuable organic honey.

For this reason we have stopped delivering the honeys in the paper cup until further notice.

Off to the honey jar

Even if there is still room for improvement in paper packaging, we still want to offer our organic honey. We therefore temporarily offer forest, blossom, linden and acacia honey in jars with screw caps.

Glass packaging is also 100% recyclable, if it is disposed in a glass container.

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The future of the papercup

Our goal is to offer honey again in the paper cup in the near future. The idea of ​​a completely climate-neutral and recyclable honey packaging deserves to be pursued further. However, always on the premise that the quality of the honey does not suffer.

We are committed to working on new, optimized paper packaging, which is equally good for the environment and the product, and ensures happy faces at the breakfast table.