German Organic Acacia Honey in a Paper Beaker, liquid, 315g

The light organic acacia honey is liquid and has a mild-neutral taste.

Unaccustomedly un-transparent, our Breitsamer paper beaker. But why choose this packaging, you can’t even see the honey? Right.

But: the paper beaker protects the honey from light, is made entirely from renewable resources and convinces with its meagre weight. This is both resource- conserving and puts little to no weight in grocery bags. Folded space-savingly, it is easy to dispose of as recycled paper – makes sense, right?

Our Bioland- apiarists’ bees travel around 45.000 kilometres to gather this great honey. We then fill that honey into our beakers with love and care.

The result: Bee to Beaker quality you can taste.

Why did we choose organic honey?

The Bioland-certified apiary pays special attention to appropriate beekeeping and support organic farming seeing that organic apiaries need natural and organically farmed land. Therefore, every beaker helps with making sure that nature and the bees thrive.



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Honey is a natural raw food and therefore not suitable for children aged under 12 months.

Store away from light and at room temperature.

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7,99  inkl. MWSt.

7,99  inkl. MWSt.

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Special features

  • German acacia honey in Bioland quality
  • 100% lightproof & recyclable in a paper beaker
  • Carbon neutral
  • Light, sweet-mild and with great sweetening power