The Classics

Diverse single- varietal honeys for every taste

The Classics

The variety of tastes in our classic range of honeys

‘The Classics’ are our traditional honeys, sold in our Breitsamer 500g honeycomb glass jars.

Throughout the harvest year, our bees find a diversity of forage sources. From rapsflowers as one of the first heralds of spring, up until the late autumn bloomers such as sunflowers.

Our types of honey offer you a wonderful diversity of flavours. Whether you prefer acacia blossoms, silver firs, rapsflowers, linden, sunflowers or chestnuts  – with us you are guaranteed to find the right honey for your breakfast, of course always with concrete information on its origin.

  • In a Breitsamer 500g honeycomb glass jar
  • With guarantee of origin in Europe
  • For every taste & every occasion
  • Collected by hand

Acacia Honey

The white flowerage of the up to 25m high robinia (black locust) is one of the first honey sources for bees in spring. It offers a luscious nectar, which the bees convert into a water-clear to light yellow honey pleasure. Acacia honey is incomparably mild and sweet in taste. That makes it one of the most popular types of honey, which tastes just as good on bread as it does to sweeten drinks and yoghurt.

Rapsflower Honey

With the first rays of sunshine in spring, the fields transform into a bright yellow sea of flowers. This finely creamy aromatic and likewise mild honey speciality with its typically pearly shimmer comes from the nectar of numerous rapsflowers.

Experience the sweet variety of tastes in our classic range of honeys.

Whether creamy or liquid, from mild-aromatic to spicy – for every taste and every occasion