Nordic Summer honey

Honey rarities from Northern Europe

Nordic Summer

Discover the diversity of the North with our regional honeys.

From wide-ranging coastal regions to deep green forests, inland waters and dune landscapes, bees collect delicate nectar from lush meadows and fields filled with fragrant, blossoming wild-flowers and shrubs to make a selection of especially fine and creamy honey specialty.

Whether from North Germany, Denmark, Finland or Sweden – each of these honeys reflects the individual character of its country of origin in both fragrance and taste.

  • Rarities from Nothern Europe
  • Spreadable
  • Full-bodied aromativ
  • In a Scandinavian design

Finnish Honey

The Finnish summer might be short, but it is more intensive. Bright and mild summer nights give the bees time to dance around the meadows and forest clearings to collect the sweet nectar of numerous blossoms.

The wild, pure nature, characterised by countless forests and lakes, flowers and berry bushes give the soft and creamy countryside honey a character, just as special and bright as the Finnish summer itself.

Swedish Honey

Ever-green Sweden – a landscape characterised by endless forests and crystal-clear lakes. Right in the middle of untouched wilderness on remote clearings and meadows, there are numerous indigenous berry bushes, mosses and wild flowers.

Bees rejoice in the sweet nectar of the colourful variety of blossoms throughout the whole summer. This finely creamy honey speciality is as extraordinary as the landscape itself.

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Light in colour. Exceptionally spreadable. Mild and aromatic in taste.