Mediterranean Summer honey

The best from the South.

Mediterranean Summer

Special, regional honeys from European holiday destinations

With our Mediterranean Summer honeys, we offer people who love honeys that are strong in character an extraordinary diversity of taste in regional and special honeys: Honey from South France, forest honey from Piedmont, pine honey from the Aegean Region, honey from Andalusia and wild lavender honey from the Algarve.

The sun-drenched flora and diversity of these Mediterranean regions – influenced by the season, the climate and varying soil structures – present bees with a true El Dorado of nectar and honeydew. Each of these honeys reflect the individual character of its region of origin in both smell and taste, and is only available depending on harvests.

  • The best of the South
  • Holiday memories for your home
  • Availibility dependent on harvest

Honey from Tuscany

The beautiful Tuscan landscape is symbolic of the Mediterranean way of life. Tuscany inspires us every day with its diverse nature. Brilliant colours, picturesque hills, medieval vineyards and farmsteads attract the view, just like the wild cypresses and seas of blossoms. Amidst this idyll, bees collect the nectar of sun-kissed blossoms for this golden, fine-flowery country honey.

Honey from Andalusia

Wide land with soft hills and fertile plains– this is the picturesque Andalusian landscape. Probably the most beautiful Spanish region – it fascinates with its moorish architecture, culinary variety, vivacious way of life and proud people. This is all framed by the vivid yellow sea of sunflowers, and a thousand of other blossoms – an El Dorado for the bees. The intense country offers this intense honey.

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