The practical Dispensers

Everyone can find their favourite.


The enjoyment of honey without the mess & stickiness

Our practical dispensers enable you to enjoy the taste of honey on any occasion.

Whether in your muesli or in your tea, whether strong and aromatic or delicate and mild – we always have the perfect honey for you. The practical valve on our dispensers enables a simple, mess-free way to portion your honey.

Which is your favourite? It’s probably better to just try them all out.

Guten Morgen Honig

In the morning… your spirits stir… the sun awakens your zest for life: a spoon of delicious Breitsamer Guten Morgen Honey on your bread. And just like that you start the new day in a good mood, full of vim and vigour: Breitsamer Good Morning Honey. Get your day off to a good start.

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Sweeten your relaxation time. Sit back, toy with your ideas, gain strength, and relax with a nice cup of tea. Breitsamer Teepause is a delicate aromatic, carefully crafed artisanal honey, made from acacia and spring blossoms. It thrives in an aromatic cup of tea. Breitsamer Teepause – a feeling of inner harmony.

Five in one go.

Find your favorite among the five practical dispensers.