Flowerhoney in the bucket, liquid, 12,5kg

For the honey in the 12.5kg bucket, we use a special selection of blossom honeys that naturally remain liquid for a long time and are therefore ideally suited for use in commercial kitchens. Like all broad honeys, the natural product is handcrafted and gently bottled in the practical bucket.

The requirements of the professional kitchen are met to a particularly high degree by the 12.5kg resealable, practical bucket of beekeeper honey blossom liquid. Traditional broad quality, selected blossom honeys that naturally remain liquid for a long time, simple handling and the attractive light-protecting plastic container make the 12.5kg bucket a professional item that is convincing more and more users.

This product is also available in other sizes.



aromatic, flowery




golden brown


Honey is a natural raw food and therefore not suitable for children aged under 12 months.

Store away from light and at room temperature.