Bavarian honey from beekeeper Müller, liquid, 400 g in a honey bag

The bee farm of our partner beekeeper Matthias Müller is located in the midst of dense forests in the Upper Palatinate. There, the bees find plenty of honeydew from spruce and fir trees. This produces a dark forest honey with a particularly spicy taste. The young full-time organic beekeeper from the Upper Palatinate has been supplying us with his regional honeys for many years. We are 100 percent convinced of his craftsmanship and the quality of his honeys.

The location of the bees, the botanical diversity, the weather and the time of harvest have a fundamental influence on the taste and character of the honey. The beekeeper’s craftsmanship is ultimately the guarantee for the natural product.

The honey is packed in the innovative honey bag and comes in the envelope by mailman climate-friendly to your home. Hence the name: honey post.

The idea for this innovative shipping concept came from our cooperation partner nearBees. The startup, based in Freising, has made its mission to help regional beekeepers market their honey.

You can find all information about nearBees here.




aromatic, strong






Honey is a natural raw food and therefore not suitable for children aged under 12 months.

Store away from light and at room temperature.

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