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The 16th Fair week was held from the 15th to the 29th of September 2017. The annual theme of 2017 was Fair trade creates perspective

Last year the economic perspectives of the producers in the global south gained centre stage. Action groups, world shops, supermarkets, schools, communities, catering establishments, non-profit organisations and private citizens participate in the fair week with over 2.000 events.

Globalisation of the world is progressing more and more, global trade and global wealth are increasing. Even though the number of people living in extreme poverty was halved, poverty eradication is still a formidable challenge.

Many people barely have the opportunity to change their situation by their selves and are threatened by poverty and hunger. Simultaneously environmental burden and destruction increase with the growing demand for consumption goods. Primarily, countries of the global South are raw material suppliers for the global North. Hunger, lacking health care and educational opportunities as well as inhumane working conditions affect an unbelievable number of people even in the 21st century- especially those working for our unsustainable consumption. Many people don’t see a perspective for them and their children in their homeland and try to find better opportunities in other parts of their home country and the world.

Fair trade creates perspectives for producers worldwide, especially in the global South by considering social, economic and ecological aspects. The fair week’s annual theme of 2017 illustrates fair trade’s mode of action with tangible examples of the economic perspectives.  The fair week culminates with a visit of the producers, under which representatives of trading partners are invited to tours. They give lectures throughout Germany, visit events and converse with politicians and journalists. Examine the producers’ visits.

The beauty of it is that everyone can participate and can support fair trade a little in their day-to-day life. There is a diverse range of fair products in great quality. Fair products are produced under controlled social and ecological conditions.

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