Eager buzzing at the Street Life festival

Breitsamer honey was represented at the Street Life festival in Munich under the slogan “Don’t let the buzzing fall silent”.

Tasting honey in Ramersdorf

The Munich community college visited the Breitsamer Honey Company.

The participants had the opportunity to exchange views with Robert Breitsamer on the traditional company and the natural product honey in a personal meeting. He also offered insight on bee keeping at the beehive. Subsequently, there was an extensive tasting of the different honey specialities, from the local ailanthus-honey to honey from the rare Tasmanian Leatherwood tree.

All around a successful evening where all involved had plenty of fun. The Breitsamer team are looking forward to the next visit of the Munich community college.

Project Grünpaten (Green godfathers)

Doing good together for a greener Munich

Fair week 2017- Fair trade creates perspective

Everyone can easily support fair trade in their day-to-day life.

Product of the Season: Christmas Bush Honey

The Tasmanian summer begins at Christmas time. This is the time when the Christmas bush has countless little white blossoms and its enchanting scent travels for miles around. Its nectar creates a caramel-coloured honey rarity, soft and sweet in flavour, reminding you of marzipan, with a spreadable and creamy texture. Extremely popular among connoisseurs.

A nice gift idea in a special cute original box. Or even in the Tasmanian Gift Duo. Take a look in our shop: Tasmanian Rarities

Honey like in Grandma’s kitchen cupboard

Original Bavarian honey like in grandma’s kitchen cupboard.

As the Munich honey specialist, we are expanding our range with a regional speciality.

The “Echtes Schmankerl” is traditionally produced by Bavarian contract beekeepers using artisan methods. Handpicked by honey experts, it allows time and care to develop its special coarse consistency. This makes it a spreadable blossom honey speciality with a powerful flavour. The traditional Bavarian art of beekeeping also includes the traditionally designed glass of the “Echtes Schmankerl”. A honey that lets you taste the values of the family company: Quality, home, and real indulgence.

As with all our honeys, we guarantee the highest quality even stricter than required by the German Honey Regulation.

Your advantages:

  • Powerful creamy dark blossom honey
  • 100% crafted by bees and bottled in Bavaria
  • Matures in glass
  • Traditional Breitsamer quality


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Honey from a Bee-Friendly Landscape

“Frühlingssummen”– our honey of the year 2017 and 2018 is supporting the initiative to promote botanical variety and maintain living space for wild and honey bees. The first rays of sunshine encourage the bees to find plenty of food in the spring. They delight us with an aromatic, creamy honey.

A particular highlight: 40 cents per glass go to “bee-friendly planting” initiatives.

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Raffle: Fairtrade

Enjoy & win!

Celebrate 25 years of TransFair e.V. with us and win one of 25 one-gram pieces of real Fairtrade gold.

Anniversary- 25 years Fairtrade

Fairtrade Germany has been advocating for a fair world trade for 25 years. Breitsamer has been Fairtrade’s partner for many years

A special quality promise applies to the large variety of Imkergold blossom honeys, as it does for all Breitsamer honeys: 100 % flavour and nature

>>Raffle completed<<